Monday 26 July 2010

24/07/2010: Bukit Wang (Kedah)

I decided to bring my godfather along for a trip to this locality. I thought maybe this place can put an end to the "drought" (of bird photos) that I have been experiencing during my past few birding trips as this forest reserve always has something up its sleeve for every trip so far. Anyway, I thought my godfather would rather enjoy the birds and beauty of the locality.

Unfortunately, the trip produced very few birds when compared to previous trips. Even one of my favourite spots along the access trail failed to deliver because of the noise level produced by the on-going rebuilding works of a hut. It is times like this that I truly miss my beloved migratory water birds. It is a long 2 months before any of them will show up again. Anyway, back to the trip. A female Dark-throated Oriole foraging along the canopy is never an easy target.

The resident Bat Hawks provided some consolation although they were resting beyond the reach of my camera for any great shots...

This is not exactly my cup of tea but when things are slow, you tend shoot anything that vaguely resembles a bird...

This female Scarlet Minivet allowed me to take a few shots of her before she foraged higher up in the canopy.