Tuesday 27 March 2012

Rail watching (24/03/2012)

The marshland at Pulau Burung, Penang is a haven for waterbirds and waterbird-loving birders as well. Here, the resident rails and crakes are more tolerant to human presence and it is certainly one of the best sites to observe them in their natural habitat. This morning, an exceptional tame Common Moorhen kept me company for a good hour or so.  Although the lighting was little harsh on this beautiful but sunny occasion, I did enjoy the encounter and happy with the images that I managed to obtain.

The White-browed Crakes were rather “visible” today and there was certainly plenty of scurrying movement along the long grasses caused by the crakes.

This parent bird was seen taking a lone fledgling out foraging. These must be a very exciting times for the little one as it explores the world a little more each day and learning the ways of life at the same time.

I came across another family of crakes but the youngster in this family is much older and will be able to obtain its adult plumage in the near future. Well, looks like it was another good breeding season for the crakes.

This Common Sandpiper may not be a rail but it gave me a pose that I found to be almost impossible to resist.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Feeding time (03/03/2012)

Mom? Dad? Where are you, guys? I’m starvin’ here.
How am I suppose to grow into a big and healthy Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker when you guys don’t come back with food often enough? Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest is still a prime habitat in Kedah state. I’m sure it’s not that difficult to find food.

Well, it’s about time. Finally…food! What? That's it? Aw, man...

Mom? Dad? Where are you, guys? I’m starvin’ here…