Sunday, 3 October 2010

02/10/2010: Mainland Penang

My last visit to the marshlands of Pulau Burung was six months ago and now that the migratory waterbirds now starting to come back again, I felt it was time to pick up where I left off last season. The habitat has recovered partially since the last maintenance works – putting my worries to rest. Since the migratory season has yet to reach its pinnacle, the slightly low number of birds present was not unexpected. One of the good things about waterbirds is that you can still enjoy their companionship even in gloomy weather. This lone Little Ringed Plover continued to forage despite the irritating drizzle.
The Lesser Whistling Ducks however, decided to wait it out…

The Wood Sandpipers, as usual, provided great images due to their confiding nature.

However, they were overshadowed by the Common Sandpipers today as they were all too willing to pose for me throughout the morning.

The Little Grebes were quite numerous today but most of them kept their distance. The absence of vegetation and cover near the edge of the access road is a major factor in regards to this matter.

This male Yellow Wagtail has yet to moult into his duller winter plumage.

This first winter bird will obtain the splendour of the former next spring if it is a male bird.

The Blue-tailed Bee-eaters that provided numerous close encounters in the past was unusually wary. I certainly hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

I did not have much luck with the kingfishers either except a pair of Collared Kingfishers resting quite deep within the mangrove forest.

The presence of Black-winged Stilts was sorely miss as was not even a single individual was seen. The Red-wattled Lapwings were reduced to only a pair as well.

My next destination on this rather wet Saturday morning was the paddy fields of Permatang Nibong. Unfortunately, things are not so much different here as well. There was not much bird activity and the Asian Openbills were no where to b seen as well. When the going is slow, even a resting House Crow will receive my undivided attention.

The egrets are almost back in full force but only the Cattle Egret provided reasonable photography opportunities.

A female Brown Shrike provided some excitement to the trip…

A flock of White-rumped Munias wrapped this up for the day. I’m keeping my finger crossed that the coming weeks will bring in more migrants to my usual birding locations.


yen said...

the house crow look like a miniature vulture ; )

Wilma said...

Great shots of what you did manage to see. The new banner photo is super. ;-)

JRandSue said...

Outstanding collection superb Photography.

Paul Wu said...

Beautiful collection! Love the Grebes!