Tuesday, 2 November 2010

02/11/2010: Juru (Penang)

I decided to check on the Indian Roller on this wet morning and despite the drizzle, it was still in the same vicinity. Due to rain, it took refuge among some trees next to a kampung house compound although the chosen perch did not provide much shelter.

While I was waiting for the weather and lighting conditions to improve in the comfort of my car, a pair of Lineated Barbet decided to keep the distinguished guest company by resting on the same tree.

A pair of Yellow-vented Bulbuls also came within reach of my camera when they pass though the vicinity.

A group of foraging Jungle Mynas brought in 3 Crested Mynas as well and I managed to capture a few images before they wandered further away.

My car was stationery for such a long period that a pair of foraging Paddyfield Pipits took it as part of the environment and came quite close.

When the drizzle gradually fizzled out, the Indian Roller moved back to one of its favourite hunting post.

I found it to be more vocal than usual this morning. The harsh single-note call is quite similar to that of the Asian Dollarbird but with a slight difference in tone and quality. It was the call that caught my attention and led me to the bird during my first encounter. It does pay to learn the calls and jizz of the commoner species as it helps you pick out the rare or uncommon ones.

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