Thursday, 6 January 2011

03/01/2011: Tanjung Dawai (Kedah)

As our fishing boat steadily made its way into the blue yonder at the break of dawn, I prepared myself for my third pelagic trip. Mt companions for the trip, Dave and Choo Eng, also conducted a quick tour of this new boat that our fishermen friends were using.

It has more viewing areas for us to do birding and the top level even has an all-round view with seating platforms.

The weather was rather gloomy throughout the day with the occasional shower. There were pretty strong winds as well. This is the type of weather that birders wish for during sea bird watching as unexpected surprises could turn up. However, there were no lifers for me this time. But I did enjoy the encounters provided by the commoner species and in the end, it turned out to be quite a good outing. Whenever the fishermen cast their net and start work, the terns will also follow suit.

Both parties yielded the same rewards for their labour...

The Common Terns were the most numerous species for this trip.

There were quite a number of Black-naped Terns following our boat and I took full advantage of their presence to capture as many images as possible.

Their almost wholly white plumage and elegant appearance make them one of the most attractive tern species to be found in our waters. As for me, I find them to be most angelic and they are probably the closest I’ll ever come to angels.

I hardly took any images of the Little Terns as they were in smaller numbers today and did not fly past me that often.

Apart from a brief appearance by a lone Greater Crested Tern, the White-winged Terns were the only other species recorded for the trip.