Thursday, 24 March 2011

19/03/2011: Mainland Penang

After the morning’s birding at Sungai Sedim, I decided to swing by the barren lands of Penanti to check if the Oriental Pratincoles are back at their breeding ground. Much to my delight, I was not disappointed. Although the numbers now are a little less than those of past seasons, I’m just glad to see these graceful waders returning here annually to breed.

The Red-wattled Lapwings, on the other hand, are breeding in their usual healthy numbers. I can still remember I had to wait until I was in Langkawi to tick off this species from my life list because about 20 years ago, that locality was one of the best places to see it. Nowadays, every birder in Penang is quite accustomed to their presence and their signature alarm call.

The Blue-throated Bee-eaters are also back to breed nearby the barren lands. Of all the three open country Bee-eaters, I fancy this species the most because of the combination of the long tail streamers and the rich colours of its plumage.

Bon appetite…

A small flock of Jungle Mynas foraged quite close to my stationery car as I was watching the Bee-eaters. How can I resist when a subject, even if it is a commoner, is willing to provide a frame-filling image like this?

The timing was about right for observing Pond-herons in their respective breeding colours. However, I only manage to locate the commoner Chinese Pond-herons along the paddy fields of Permatang Nibong this time.

This female Pied Harrier seems to be in no hurry to start the long journey back to her breeding ground in the north and was seen quartering over the fields in search of prey. Shouldn’t you be making your way back home by now, my dear?

Most of the egrets have gone back north and the remaining few should follow suit anytime now. This Little Egret looks all set for the journey and I just love the way the wind carries its head plumes.

A lone Great Egret standing in the middle of a sea of paddy stalks carves a solemn figure as most of its compatriots have already left this wintering ground.


Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice series of images!

Erwin Luesink said...

Beautiful :)

Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks for your compliments.