Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Openbills are back in town (13/08/11)

A quick visit to the paddy fields at Permatang Nibong produce the first sighting of Asian Openbills for the season. For the third consecutive season, these enigmatic storks have chosen my home state of Penang as their off-breeding vacation destination. This flock appears to be the same five individuals from the previous season and there is not much difference in terms of colouration and plumage. Anyway from the look of things, the status of Asian Openbills in Malaysia could well be on the way in becoming regular non-breeding visitors in small numbers. Welcome back, my friends.


M. A. Muin said...

good job Mun. Glad they're back. Time to go there again!

Anonymous said...

Yea! And also thanks to our Hakim
the "discoverer" of these Openbills
for Penang. He is far away in Johore
hope he will back soon to become our resident spotter for Sbg Perai.

Anonymous said...
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holdingmoments said...

Lovely birds, and good to hear they are doing well.

Angad Achappa said...

Nice images here.. :) Luckily we have them here year round!!

Anonymous said...

I only wish the black headed ibis would tagged along