Wednesday, 7 September 2011

07/09/2011: Permatang Nibong (Penang)

With the migratory season about to go into full swing, I was quite eager to check if there are any rarities among the early arrivals to the paddy fields here. However, only the commoner migrants were encountered today like this Common Sandpiper. The migrants are certainly starting to trickle in and I am looking forward to a fruitful season – hopefully.

This male Cinnamon Bittern is doing what he does best – trying to conceal himself from an immediate threat and this time, an approaching birder.

A flock of White-rumped Munias was helping themselves to the ripe paddy seeds when I managed to capture a few shots of this particular individual that came closest to my stationery car.

The highlight of this short excursion was a male Pink-necked Pigeons that was resting among the scrub vegetation. He was quite confiding and the low perch provided a good photographic opportunity.

He may be common but still, a very handsome fellow indeed.

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Ari said...

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the arrivals of the migrant....lovely shots of the PN Pigeon...