Tuesday, 18 October 2011

15/10/2011: Mainland Penang

Although the migratory season is now in full swing, there was not much around at the marshlands of Pulau Burung to stir much excitement in me. And that is most unfortunate because I could really do with a lifer. I did manage to record and photograph 5 different kingfishers at a single locality beginning with the commonest one – the White-throated Kingfisher.

The Collared Kingfishers here are usually quite confiding and approachable but, not today.

A rather pleasant surprise was this Stork-billed Kingfisher hunting from an eye-level vantage point. I was, however, a little disappointed with the perch which was man-made because in terms of photography, one should always try to capture the subject on a natural perch. Now come to think of it, if the kingfisher is a completely wild bird and it chose this perch on its own free will because of its strategic location shouldn't this perch be considered a natural perch?

The Black-capped Kingfisher was being its usual self – shy and uncompromising.

This type behaviour must be slightly contagious as it got the Common Kingfisher to follow suit.

But at least the Pied Fantails along “Fantail Lane” are a sure thing – for now.

I was really hoping for to spend more “quality time” with Lesser Adjutants at Batu Kawan but it was a no show for the storks. An immature Grey Heron did brighten up the day slightly.

A distanced raptor resting on a dead tree finally got my adrenalin pumping and upon further scrutiny, it turned out to be a light morph Changeable Hawk-eagle.

The Silver Leaf-monkey is confined to the mangroves and coastal areas. This is a much welcomed shot as I find this species to be more skittish than its inland counterpart, the Dusky Leaf-monkey.

The paddy fields along Permatang Nibong provided another mundane affair but at least the Asian Openbills were there to keep me occupied.

A Black-winged Kite circled quite low overhead but the overhead sun was a difficult element to work around. It is quite interesting that this plumage colouration is shared by 2 other species that do occur in such a habitat here in Malaysia – the White-bellied Sea-eagle and the light morph Booted Eagle.

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holdingmoments said...

Stunning captures, of such beautiful birds. The only one I ever see here, is the Common Kingfisher; and I can never get a shot that's half decent.