Friday, 23 December 2011

23/12/2011: Batu Kawan (Penang)

Another trip to this locality to check on the Oriental Darters was only a matter of when I had a few hours to spare. And that was this morning. Upon arrival, the Darters were sunning themselves on the very same tree as our last encounter.

This particular dead tree seems to be a favourite among the waterbirds here and it got a little crowded at times…

The Darters are truly enjoying their winter vacation at my home state and watching them settling in so well into this new environment was like food for my soul. They were preening, scratching and stretching despite the intrusion of a few birders, including yours truly, observing their every move from a distance.


I am more convinced that these two birds are indeed a pair as there was some allopreening going on as well.

A few more images of this celebrity pair which I am sure will be in the agenda of countless birders and bird photographers from far and wide this coming Christmas weekend before I made my way out of the marshlands.

I stopped for a rather confiding Collared Kingfisher that alighted just next to the access road.

Just about the same time, a small flock of Tricoloured Munias made their way quite close to my stationery car. This coincidental photographic opportunity would have been a highlight for a trip on any other day as I now finally have some images of this striking species that I can be proud of but the day belonged to the Darters. You know I still love you guys, right?

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