Friday, 20 January 2012

Penanti, Penang (19/01/2012)

It is probably a little early in the year to visit this scrubland habitat for the breeding colonies but it is pretty difficult to resist a quick detour before I made my way to a business meeting in the nearby vicinity. There’s nothing like some quality time “in the field” to start off the day. A Spotted Dove basking in the golden rays of the morning sun was the first bird to greet me upon my arrival.

The Red Junglefowl may be one the commonest of the gamebirds but it is shy and extremely difficult to approach. I don’t blame it for being so fearful of man. It is not considered a gamebird for nothing. For many years the stunning male has successfully evaded most my photography efforts and leaving me with only distance record shots. Imagine my excitement when I came across this rather confiding male bird foraging alone at the edge of the access road. I quickly took a few shots but the clicks from my camera’s shutter put him into full alert mode.

And once my intrusion passed his tolerance level, it was a quick dash to the nearest cover – a dash that would even put any Olympic sprinter to shame. This encounter was the highlight of the day and much to my delight, I did not end up empty handed this time.

There were certainly plenty of Paddyfield Pipits foraging in the vicinity. I am assuming that they are all Paddyfield Pipits and the not the rarer and almost identical looking Richard’s or Blyth’s Pipit. Honestly, I probably couldn’t identify them even if they were staring right into my lens.

The Red-wattled Lapwings looked all set for the coming breeding season and hopefully, it will be another successful season as before.

I almost drove past this male Plaintive Cuckoo resting among the scrub vegetation and it was his signature call that caught my attention. Unfortunately, he was in no mood for photography and flew away when I tried to reduce the distance between us.

The Common Myna is probably one of the most familiar birds in Malaysia but when a bird is posing in good light and with a nice green background, I still find it hard to resist a shot or two.


holdingmoments said...

Such beautiful birds, and great captures.
The Red Junglefowl is like a rainbow. Such a shame when beauty like this is hunted.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok said...

I find Red Junglefowls in northern Thailand shy and extremely difficult to approach just like yours. They are much easier to see and photograph in central Thailand though (for example Khao Yai and Kaeng Krachan NP)

tank aka sulaiman salikan said...

beautiful series, Happy CNY Choy..enjoy

Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks Keith, Ayuwat & Sulaiman for your comments.

Phil said...

Nice shots indeed. I particulalrly like the Paddyfield Pipit and Common Mynah shots - as you say good to get a clear, preferably dark, background

Eddie Khoo said...

Hi Choy,
You have many fine pixs on this blog of yours. Wondering if you can give your readers (like yours truly) a rundown on your photography tools? Also, as a starting birdwatcher, I wonder if you do any digiscoping; if so, if you can recommend some good/great combinations of telescope + PnS cameras?


Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks, Phil & Eddie.

Eddie, I'm now using a basic setup of a Nikon D40X DSLR camera with a Sigma 150-500mm telephoto zoom lens and it has serve me well thus far.

Choy Wai Mun said...
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