Monday, 13 February 2012

There will be days like this...(11/02/2012)

A morning excursion to the marshlands of Pulau Burung, Penang yielded only the commoner species. Although this locality usually delivers in terms of rewarding birding, there will be always be slow days. In a sense the slow days are good as it helps to remind you not to take things for granted. If every single trip here exceeds my expectations, then I will be very worried. There is no such thing as a perfect birding locality – not here on Earth anyway. So, it was some quality time with the usual birds and I got my Saturday birding remedy to help me get over the hectic working hours of last week. Below are just some of the species that kept me occupied for a few hours on this beautiful sunny morning at a landfill.

Common Moorhen

Little Grebe


Stork-billed Kingfisher


digdeep said...

Hi Mun

Van Morrison would agree with you:

However, you did well to get an image of Little Grebe in juvenile plumage - I have yet to do so.

Choy Wai Mun said...

Yeah, Dave. The grebe was following the parents around.

holdingmoments said...

Superb captures.
I agree, well done with the Little Grebe. they are forever diving when I try lol

Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks, Keith. The birds at this locality are quite tolerant of annoying birders.

Phil said...

Good thoughts in your paragraph - a man after my own heart. Little Grebes are so difficult to photograph over here - still haven't got a good pic.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok said...

Totally agree with this post. Back in Thailand, I love riding my bicycle to my local patch every morning and there would be slow days like that mixing with days that are filled with special birds. Here in Japan, I became more accustomed to the slow days, since the place I'm living is not quite a great place for birding. Now I even appreciate every single special bird more.