Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Jewel Hunter

These past few weeks, I could not find the time to do any birding due to my work load. Luckily, I got to borrow a splendid book from Choo Eng - The Jewel Hunter. The book provided some relief for my birding addiction although it was only armchair birding. I'm not the type to get submerged into books unless the book is about something close to the heart like birding. This book is not only about birding but also about one of my favourite birds - the Pittas. It is a story about a man, Chris Gooddie, and his quest to see all of the world's 32 species of Pittas within one calender year.

Overall, it is a great book. Well written and witty. For a better review of the book, you can check Dave's post here. Anyway, this is one of my favourite paragraphs from the book where the author tries to describe how incredibly hard it is to see a Giant Pitta in the wild.


M. A. Muin said...

Cool book. Hope can buy it too.

Phil said...

If you can't get out then I guess you are doing the next best thing, reading about birds. Hope you find some time for pics and birding soon.