Wednesday, 29 June 2011

25/06/11: Sungai Sedim (Kedah)

I missed out on a couple of my usual Saturday birding excursions due to the unbelievable amount of work at the office. Anyway, I managed to have this Saturday for myself and I tried my luck on some forest birding. As it is still the breeding season for most of our resident birds, the forest at this location was alive with the sounds of bird calls. One in particular captured my undivided attention because it belonged to the Red-naped Trogon. This species also happened to be my first record for this locality and that means this recreational forest is home to all four species of our lowland Trogons. Anyway, when I finally traced the call back to the bird, I was rather disappointed as it was partially hidden from view.

When this handsome male did move to a slightly more expose perch, much to my dismay, the lighting condition was not on my side. Despite it all, he was still a cracking bird to observe and enjoy.

This morning’s excursion had plenty of Babbler action – at least 7 different species altogether. However, all of them provided only glimpses and I was not given any real opportunities to capture their images. All that I could manage were blurry shots like this of a Short-tailed Babbler hopping across an exposed log.

As I was about to call it a day, I came face to face with a pair of foraging Chestnut –naped Forktails. Apart from the fact that it is the only forktail that you can tell the genders apart, I always feel that the male should have the female’s colouration as his area of chestnut coloration is substantially smaller than hers.

I find this species to be extremely shy of human presence and obtaining good images is near impossible. But then seeing this time that they were forging as a pair, I though they could find courage in numbers and be a little more tolerant to my approach. I guess I was wrong…

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