Monday, 6 June 2011

My Garden Birdwatch 2011

This is the second consecutive year for this easy but meaningful bird survey by MNS. I missed out on last year’s survey but I can’t really remember why. So, I made it a point to do it this year. I always do try to do what I can to help the plight of MNS to conserve the delicate balance of nature. It also helps protect the birds and it is always about the birds for me. To find out more about this survey, please visit the website here.
The compound of my apartment block houses quite a variety of bird species despite being located at the fringe of the ever-blooming capital of Penang state – Georgetown City. However, I usually don’t go birding around heavily populated areas as it tends to draw quite a lot of attention. I’m really not an anti-social person. Well, at least when I’m not birding.
So, I decided to conduct the survey from the “safety” of my balcony just after daybreak. Adhering to the criteria of the survey which excludes birds heard or flying over, I recorded 9 different species of birds during the 30-minute survey. Some of the usual suspects were missing from the list but that is what birding is all about. You can never be sure what to expect. Anyway, I did manage to capture a few images in between and this lone Spotted Dove was one of them.

Scarlet-backed Flowerpeckers are undoubtedly one of the prettiest residents around and this pair was kind enough to stay put long enough for me to photograph them. As with most birds the male overshadowed his mate tremendously in terms of colouration.

Even from my balcony, my birding antics did draw some attention. But instead of from my fellow human being, it was from this feral pigeon. I’m sorry, buddy. No matter how loud you coo I cannot include you in my count.


Ari said...

A great & honorable effort CW Mun!

Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks, Ari.

Madibirder said...

Hi Mun,
We do what we can for the birds. Short but meaningful.