Monday, 4 January 2010

01/01/2010: Bukit Penara (Penang)

Today marks the beginning of a brand new year. As with every New Year day, my wife has to go into her office for a couple hours and as for me, I was at one of my local patches which is becoming like an annual ritual for me. This New Year day “outing” of mine also gives me a chance to reflect on the year that has come and gone. As far as New Year resolutions go, it has been and still is the same resolution for the past decade - to kick an unhealthy habit of mine. I hope I’m up to the challenge this time round. I will usually bird for an hour or so in a slow and relaxing pace and be home before my wife gets back from work. I guess being a happily married birder is all about time management. Anyway, I decided to visit this locality since it has been quite a while since my last visit.

It was rather slow morning and a troop of Dusky Leaf-monkeys gorging on a fruiting tree provided me with some entertainment in the absence of birds.
So did a foraging Giant Black Squirrel…
The male Asian Fairy-bluebird is certainly one of the most attractive forest birds that occur in my home state. Although it is not uncommon, I am still waiting for my first clear image of this species. Well, today is certainly not the day…

A rather tidy-looking Dark-sided Flycatcher caught my full attention momentarily as I had to ascertain its identification. The best thing about birding is that anything can turn up anywhere. Although it was only a Dark-sided Flycatcher this time but the excitement it created in me helped brightened up a dull day.

The loud and distinct call of the White-bellied Woodpecker echoing nearby got my adrenalin pumping again. After a quick scan along the canopy levels, I managed to pick out a stunning male bird drumming away on one of the tree trunks. However, I could only obtained records shots because he was foraging in the highest level. No amount of pleading could convince this impressive bird to forage a little lower.

A female Emerald Dove was the last bird to help me welcome in the new year before I decided to call it a day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mun for posting
the White Bellied WoodPecker
My dream bird for Pg Island.
One of Penang STAR Birds.
Choo Eng.

Nur Hussein said...

I caught a picture of the asian fairy bluebird today on Penang Hill!