Monday, 11 January 2010

09/01/2010: Jelutong Expressway Coastline (Penang)

On my way back from work, I noticed that the tide along this coastal expressway was just nice to capture some of the water birds found here. However, the lighting was quite harsh as it was just past the noon hour.

The egrets are a prominent sight here even to the layman. It is not difficult to approach them at this locality as they are quite used to humans because of all the fishermen that use this area as a base. However, the images of these Great Egrets are slightly overexposed...

I did the same mistake with my camera settings when shooting the Little Egrets as well...

While observing the egrets, something big cast its shadow over me when it flew overhead. It turned out to be a juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle.

I have been on a roll with this species of late and this magnificent raptor did not disappoint me once again. It started to ride the thermals - giving me ample opportunity to capture its images.

There were quite a number of waders present near the edge of the water as the rising tide was pushing them ever closer to the shore line. A striking Common Redshank in breeding plumage alighted quite near to where I was sitting - much my delight.

"Excuse me, Mr. Greenshank. Any chance your cousin Nordmann is around also?"
"Dream on, Mr. Birder..."

I decided to try my luck with a foraging Whimbrel that was quite close to the shore line.

Whimbrels are quite shy by nature. I had to literally crawl for about 10 minutes before I got close enough for some decent shots. If I can remember correctly, the very first bird I photographed was also a Whimbrel and also along this coastline. I still have the image with me. So, this is my humble beginning as a bird photographer back in 2003.

This is the type of images I now take thanks to my present equipment and tips and pointers from friends.


terence said...

nice shot. You still remember your first shot after so long. I cant remember mine already

digdeep said...

Wow Mun - that Redshank is in breeding plumage early! can you send me a larger res shot so I can see which race it is?



Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks, Terrence.

Sure thing, Dave.