Saturday, 9 January 2010

09/01/2010: Sungai Burung (Penang)

I spend a couple of hours here after doing a photo-shoot for a client in the nearby area. The surrounding paddy fields were all completely planted and the farmers are just waiting to harvest their rewards.

This Black-winged Kite is using the electrical cables at the edge of the fields as a vantage point to look for breakfast.

The Barn Swallows on the other hand use them as a resting point in between their aerial sallies for food.

As the going was rather slow this morning, anything that moves will very likely be noticed and photographed like this young Monitor Lizard.

The sight of a distance raptor quartering above the paddy fields awaken my senses and it turned out to be an immature Brahminy Kite.

In situations like this, I will usually use my car to reduce the distance between the raptor and me. However, this time I decided to stay put and wait for it to come to me since it was flying in my direction anyway. Gradually, it did and I got the shots I wanted. Although the lighting was a little harsh, the images turned out quite well. I really enjoy photographing birds in flight, especially raptors. It's like having the ability to stop time...


Tabib said...

Great bird in flight pictures, as always.
So fast processing the pics. From the EXIF data, this was taken at 10am this morning.

terence said...

nice shot of the brahminy kite

Choy Wai Mun said...

Thanks Tabib & Terrence.